About Pluckin' Maniacs

We are a family owned and operated business with a combined experience base of over 75 years in the Poultry Processing Industry. So there has been a "whole lotta pluckin' goin' on" Elvis won't be able to use that for a song title!

We are now a Provincially “ B “ licensed Mobile Poultry Unit ( MPU ) abitoir , which allows us at present to have your poultry inspected by a CFIA ( Canadian Food Inspection Agency ) inspector. The licensing and inspection provides for the sale of poultry processed in an inspected facility to any market , and any person within British Columbia. This is a fantastic addition and will prove to be advantageous to those who may want to increase their flock sizes and increase potential income and will open the Province up for the sale of their poultry. The inspection process is currently under review as the Provincial government will be taking over the inspection aspects from the CFIA in 2014. The Ministry of Agriculture , as of March 2013 has been assigned the responsibility of overseeing the inspection process. Information as it is received will be updated on our site when the information is made available. At present there is no cost for the inspection services.

Inspected processing is done at an approved “docking station”. This is an area of a property , usually a producers farm that has received approval for slaughter by the BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) for the specific licensed MPU using the area. For information about requirements for a docking station go to ( Link to BCCDC ) and visit the Docking Station Category for basic details regarding docking stations. We have supplied a list of docking stations that the Pluckin Maniacs are approved to slaughter under that category.

The BC Ministry of Health provided a Policy Statement in November, 2011 (link to policy )which paved the way for producers of poultry who wish them processed for their personal use and not for sale, to secure the services of a processor. The processing must take place on the property of the producer. Poultry processed in this manner will be labeled as “not inspected / not for sale /for the personal use",   of the owner of the poultry. This service is completed without the use of our provincially licensed abattoir (MPU). Every customer has specific needs and requests. Whether it is unique site requirements or other anomalies, we have met the challenges without being stumped yet. We have a huge list of satisfied customers and will share names for references.

We strive to do the best possible work for our Customers. This means what you want is what you get and we won't stop short of that goal. You get what you pay for, and nothing less. We offer competitive prices, and in many cases lower than competitive prices, without sacrificing quality.

We raise our own birds and share what helpful information that we have learned throughout our experiences with our customers. We also learn a great deal of information from our customers and pass anything that is helpful on to others so that they may experience as successful and as profitable flocks as possible.

We take pride in asking our customers to advise us of any and all areas that we could improve in. Few suggestions have been made over the years, we are very proud to say, but those that have been drawn to our attention have been taken seriously and been acted upon with very positive results.

All of our staff have attended “PLUCK - U” and have graduated with HONORS. All staff is able to perform and complete all aspects of poultry processing and we all keep a close watch on quality control. We have several quality control checks in the course of the processing. Whether we process in an inspected environment or on the farm for non inspected processing, our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction remains the same.

Over the many years of processing, as well as raising our own birds, we have made up a list of respectful requests and things to make your processing dates with us pleasurable and more profitable for you.

We call them the Do’s and Don’ts.