Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Docking Station?

Go to the BC Center for Desease Control web page bccdc.ca and follow the links. Contact us before proceeding to far to ensure compliance with our unit.

How long do I take the birds off feed before the processing date?

24 hours before , keep water available.

When should I book a processing date?

As soon as you confirm your delivery dates for your birds. Multiple dates can be requested for additional flocks and dates can be adjusted as need. Bearing in mind that inspection services have to be secured in advance.

Do you offer non-inspected processing for personal use ?

Yes. This service is done on any property that is not licenced as a docking station property. Unlike inspected processing which is carried out at a licenced docking station approved by the BC Center for Desease Control . ( List on the Docking Station sub category )

We dont utilize our inspected unit (MPU) , as Provincial Regulations do not allow for that. We do however have a seperate system and equipment that does allow for us to attend the property of the producer and process for the producers personnal use ONLY. The product is labelled as " NOT INSPECTED: NOT FOR SALE : FOR PERSONNAL USE ONLY " . However we follow the same protocols for food safety and health practices as we do in an inspected environment.

Which areas do you service ?

We are a Provincially licenced facility and service the Province of BC. With adequate notice and planning we are capable of and would be prepared to process in all areas of the Province