Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don'ts

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Your List of Do's

Please DO take your birds off the feed 24 hours prior to processing (keep lots of water available). Feed forced from the crop while in the plucker can contaminate the birds as well as make a mess. The undigested feed can adhere to the birds and is nearly impossible to clean off. This is an almost guaranteed event if they have feed in the digestive tract. It could be very costly and is totally avoidable. During the CFIA Inspection process this type of contamination could result in the birds being condemned and not fit for human consumption. So please be very mindful to take the feed away.

Please DO ensure clean bedding changes often so the birds are clean. Dirty birds could cost you a bit more because they could cause us more time in processing. (Additional water changes while scalding them etc...) Also clean bedding can alleviate roosting blisters, bruises and stains. Live Inspection of the birds prior to processing is done to ensure they have received proper husbandry and are healthy and clean. If found to be sub-standard, they may have to be sent away to be cleaned prior to processing or become condemned due to being excessively dirty. Producers are held responsible for livestock that is found to be improperly cared for. ………Refer to link about livestock care……..

Please DO ensure that if you transport your poultry that there is adequate air circulation and litter for the birds to travel comfortably. Also that there is an adequate number of workers to retrieve the birds , whether from the transport vehicle or containment area on the farm. We are not able to assist in this process.

Please DO supply a proper electrical service. For uninspected processing on the Farm for personal use, a 20 amp service is required , free of any other power source usage. Sites serviced by a long extension cord have proven in the past not to be sufficient to supply the power for the operation. Long extension cords from adjoining buildings can have considerable line drop (decreased voltage) which has an adverse affect on the machinery (they won’t work).

**For inspected processing, the approved docking station requires a 50 amp ,220 Volt service. We ensure the docking site power is acceptable for our use.

Please DO put your family pets away during the processing. The family friends do get in the way and we don’t want to see any get hurt or distressed. This applies to inspected and uninspected processing.

Please DO have a good water supply. As we are set up and ready to commence the processing within about 10 minutes of arriving, we require a minimum of 50 gallons of water in the initial cooling tanks during this time. This is also essential for quick cooling of the birds. A minimum of 4-6 GPM flow (at the Mobile Processing Unit ) MPU is required to allow for timely processing and cooling. We are very water conscious and do not use any more water then is absolutely necessary. A water supply that is insufficient WILL result in additional fees being added for waiting time.

**In conjunction with adequate water, there is a need to supply 1.5 lbs of ice made in an approved ice facility, per chicken 5 lb average and 2.5 lbs of ice per turkey 20 lb average. This is required for inspected and uninspected for personal use poultry. As the water temperature can vary from each processing site, the amount of ice cannot be pre-determined and the amount stated is only a guide. More ice may be required if the birds are larger or the water is higher in temperature.

We can supply ice at whole sale price if 3 days advance notice is given. Usually when the poultry is booked, the ice request is made for the processing day.

**For inspected processing the docking site must have approved water and we ensure the supply is adequate. Ice as required above.

For information on what we require to accommodate our unit, for either inspected or non-inspected processing please call or email. 250 314 1007 or A site visit will be necessary.

Your List of Do Not's

We do NOT supply catchers for the poultry. As our name indicates, we are the Pluckin' Maniacs, not the catchn’ maniacs !! This is the responsibility of the producer.

We DO NOT as common practice do any surgery on the birds. Removal of roosting blisters and/or bruises in small numbers of occurrences are acceptable and done with our compliments. Infected wings/legs or any other types of growths will be removed. There is an additional fee for this if there appears to be an increased number of them as it can be very time consuming. At the discretion of the Inspector , bruises, dislocations, discolorations on wings/legs etc.. may be removed.

It is very respectfully requested that you do not allow smoking within 50 meters of the unit while the unit is present on site. This is for inspected and non-inspected processing.