Docking Stations

Docking Stations

In British Columbia , in order to have poultry processed which is being offered for sale, it must be processed in an approved ,licenced and inspected facility. In the case of the Pluckin' Maniacs, and other Mobile Poultry Processing Units ( MPU's ), the processing must be carried out on an approved site known as a Docking Station. The basic requirements for a docking station are simple in nature and in most cases the costs are not restrictive. At present the guidlines and application process are outlined on the British Columbia Center for Desease Control ( BCCDC ) web site Go to the " meat transition " box and follow the links.

It must be noted that to apply and complete the process can take some time, as the site has to be visited by a number of provincial agencies, as well as us and wait times for each to complete their respective visits and protocols can be lengthly. If you wish, call us and we can give you the basics and arrange for a site visit if you decide to initiate the process. The fee for us to come and do a site visit is dependent on the location. Please call and discuss. 250-314-1007 ( Terry )

If constructing or becoming a docking station isn't your wish, you may be able to contact one of the existing docking stations as set out below. THERE MAY BE A FEE FOR THE USE OF THE DOCKING STATIONS. (not included in the posted costs and fees) We do not own or otherwise have a financial tie to any docking stations except ours.

The addresses and phone numbers will be published soon. However in the meanwhile, call us for locations and availablity. It will be the responsibilty of the producer to contact the appropriate docking station for processing availability after checking the processing calendar for proposed dates once the new booking procedures are in place. ( April 15th ) Once approved by the docking station, the producer contacts us and we confirm the date and time and ensure that all fees and costs are understood.

Pluckin' Maniacs has 6 docking stations attached to OUR license:

4 in the Kamloops area

1 in the Loon Lake area

1 in the Clinton area

1 in the Vernon area

We are always interested in taking on new Docking Stations, anywhere in British Columbia !

Please check back for updated information as we complete our new web page ! Contact us with any questions.